Monday, January 25, 2016

Repurposing Clix III (and D&D Minis, and also those G-uys W-ho should not be named)

These are continuing from an earlier post.  I finished up a few more figures from my collection of HeroClix and some D&D Miniatures.  I really like my Hellbeasts ... er ... Wargs ... er ... Dirgehounds. Yeah. Dirgehounds.

Front. I added a different color ink wash to make the
 three distinguishable from each other.  Actually, I think these
are part of the old Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures line.

The backs. The spikes really stand out with a dry brush technique.

Front of the pack leader for the Dirgehounds. The little red dot is the exact front of the figure; I'm in process of play-testing some facing rules for MEST.

There's a total of 10 Dirgehounds.  The pack leader and
the second are the only two with horns or tusks.

This is one of the many low-detail D&D Minis pieces and
so I tried to build
up some of the niceties using layers of paint.  

Another low-detail piece from D&D Minis.

Elf Princess.  Another cheap-o figure. I really should consider
getting higher-quality figures.   Nah. Wargaming on a budget.

Ah! One of my favorite pieces. A Formorian Giant from
D&D Minis. A standard 28MM figure is in the foreground.
I think the giant is about 3.5-inches tall.

Here it is again. The bases is still wet and I'll need to dry-bush
it to bring out the pebble details. I added lots of paint
layers to build up the surface of the giant.

I haven't yet mastered the technique for eyes yet, but this
giant has lop-sided everything including eyes.  Everything
else I brushed in fine details. The skin is like four layers
of different paint going from medium to lighter. I then
added a Gryphon Sepia wash and then dry-brush Elf Flesh.

Another look at the kind of details I added like at the
palm of the hand holding the petrified tree trunk mace.

Final picture; this one for scale. The human-sized Hero Clix sword-elf
at the front, left is a Reaper Bathalien, then the D&D Minis
"thingamajiga" followed by a D&D Minis Flesh Golem.


  1. Thanks AJ.

    I'm still trying to control the brush. These low-detail minis help me ramp up. BTW, the Flesh Golem there in the final group picture was painted by Aggro, not me. I've got a lot yet to learn.