Friday, November 12, 2021

3D Models

 A while back I got an FL-SUN QQ S-PRO 3D printer

I have been printing a bunch of 3D art (via STL file format) from a bunch of people. I'm learning the limitations of my FDM printer in that it is best suited for larger things such as terrain and buildings. However, I have been working with the Blender app and creating small things.


I'd like to present to you my two latest creations! Both are now on


This is just something I've always wanted. It is sort of like a tachikoma but without the human pilot inside. I created it using metaballs and simple hard-surface modeling. It is very low detail and the legs are sort of meh. However, it is my first 3D figurine from design, modeling, to printing, and painting! 

I like to think that it will fit into my MEST Tactics settings somewhere, perhaps in Combat Modern. It may also fit into the Mech, Beast, and Infantry rules set. 

Spiderbot Mark-I

High and Low versions. These have turrets which can swivel.

Two Spiders

I always see single giant-spider minis or swarm of small spiders. I have also found three spiders on a disc but never two spiders on a disc. Until now, because I just created it. It is low-detail but it paints up well enough. I mount these on 40mm zinc fender washers. It will be used with my other figurines in the Dunjon of Death and Sarna-len settings within the Fantasy genre.

Two spiders

Painted up. 

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  1. Nice models. 3d printing has been a step change in gaming. We use it a lot for ww2. It just makes everything possible. We did lots of LVT 1 's for our Tarawa board. Keep printing!