Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sewage Tunnel Entrance - Part I

This is my first project since at least December 2012.  My work has been consuming a lot of time up to even just now.  And at night my youngest daughter though now a year old still requires lots of baby sitting.  Albeit so for both conditions on my available time; I've recommitted to getting some more stuff out!

I put the word out to my co-workers that I'm looking for big pieces of Styrofoam - the white stuff - and I got a huge bag of molded goodness. Of the pieces I received, I saw tremendous potential for new terrain bits.

The big bag of foam.  It's lotsa lotsa stuff!

One of the interesting pieces.  I think these larger ones
take up too much real-estate but if shaped
properly could form the basis for a tunnel
adventure.  That's a lot of work though ... !

That round piece at the left is what I decided
to keep as my first project.
 I'm going to build a sewer tunnel entrance!
 I'll need to make it non-genre specific.

I started breaking off parts of foam to get
some debris for later use.  You can see this
tunnel front; its about 4" [ 10 cm ] in diameter.

The ledge for the entrance.  Needs some shaping.

I used a hot iron.  Be sure to have the fan on
and the windows open; melted foam will damage
your brain and lungs.

Here's the sides of the tunnel exterior melted.

After placing the ledge down.  I used a hot-glue
gun to fix things into place.  Probably tile glue
for flooring is better for this task.

Here are those bits again.

But first, I added some deco to the top of the
tunnel exterior.  This should give the effect
of being large masonry.

The bits are laid out here to form a
foundation for moss and flocking to
add 'character' to the overall display.

Here's the front of the tunnel with more shaping.
The figure is about 33mm tall.  Sort of huge [ 1:48 scale ]

More deco.  I'm laying out the top of the tunnel
with corkboard.  It will look like cement when finished.

Here's what I got so far.  Stay tuned!

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  1. It's a great idea!! I liked that you are recycling the "white stuff"!!