Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sewage Tunnel Entrance Part III

I got more time to work on my sewer tunnel project. Here's what I have got:

This is where I was last time; black primer.
I added a dark coat of brown paint to the base.

I dry-brushed a medium coat of brown paint.
I applied it to the tops of the boulders as well.

I also coated with medium-gray the tunnel itself.

I then added a lighter coat of gray to the tunnel
using the dry-brush technique.

I then took white and lightly dry-brushed the edges
of the tunnel walls and exterior.

Here's some detail of the tunnel before the white.

Here's the tunnel after the white dry-brush of the edges.

I then added two different colors of green into
the tunnel floor.  I chose bright-green for the base.

Here I have flocked the base board of the piece.
You can also see the darker green upon the tunnel.

Another corner shot showing how the flocking
falls upon the base board.  I tried to make it
look organic by letting parts of the board peek through.

I've added some moss to the tops of the
boulders.  It looks like the tunnel has been
through some weathering.

Here's the other side.  The tunnel floor looks a bit bare.

This is the top shot.  The flash on my camera
didn't bleed everything out.  Done!

I think I'm about 99% completed.  I'll check with Damon about how to add a varnish layer to the tunnel floor to make it look wet.  Otherwise this piece is good enough for game-play.  I'll probably spray it down with fixative on the flocking and then spray it again with a matte finish to seal the paint.


  1. Nice, Bet you'll get some big ass rats in there!

  2. That turned out looking really sweet!

  3. Nice work Robert.
    There are plenty of brush on gloss acrylics you can apply to the areas you want to have look more wet.
    Any hobby shop or craft store should sell them.

  4. By the way,
    I just posted links to this in the workbench section at LAF.

  5. @Simon Q; I sure hope so! That and some morlocks, cultists, and gangers too! Thanks!
    @DFlynSqrl; Thanks! I plan to make use of it whenever possible.
    @D Willhelm; Thanks! I'll check out Tap Plastics for that then. Also, thanks for posting on LAF! =)