Saturday, August 10, 2013

Demo Set II :: More Figures

I had purchased about 7 Schleich New Heroes figures for a small demo.  The large 1:18 scale figures will be good for a curious audience.  Then I discovered that maybe at any convention I go to there might be players that would be interested in female characters.  And so I bought more.  With the cheetah, I have 14 figures.

Anyhow, Damon promised that he'd work on some drop-cloth terrain for a sandy arena.  As a result I decided to complete basing all my figures on 3-inch felt moving pads upon 3-inch wood disks.  I glued some wood bark on a few of the bases, primed them and covered them in various shades of yellow and tan.

Coating Stuff

Here's what I got for the figures:

Yep. It's wood.
First coat of tan above black base coat.

I tried to leave bits of black showing.
At the left figure you can see the wood bark.
Bright yellow dry-brush upon the tan.
Dry-brush with light tan to tone down the bright yellow.

Same as before.  I don't have a pic but the
next step was dry-brush white in spots
 and dry-brush tan in even fewer spots.

The Fighters

Minotaur and gladiator.

Cyclops and Spartan.

Medieval figures.  I think the one on
the right with the battle-axe is also female.  Hmm.

Dual wielder and Egyptian.

Centaur and Cheetah.

Roman and African

Wildling and Northerner

What's Next

All that is left now is for me to get some simple arena terrain.


  1. Very cool figs and bases look good.

  2. @Simon Q; hopefully Schleich and Papo will expand their product lines to include more gladiators.