Monday, August 12, 2013

Demo Set III :: The Pillars

New Task

Now that I've got the Schleich figures based, I began work on the terrain for the arena.  I want to do something simple but re-usable and so I decided to create some pillars.  Here's my progress thus far:

Mailing tubes.  24 by 2 inch.  I plan on cutting
them in half to create a total of 12 pillars.

3-inch wood disks.  12 copies.  This is the base.

2.5-inch wood disks. Above the base.

Corkwood adhesive paper.  I have 6 but
I should have purchased 12.  grr. Math; how
does it work? Miracles!

The base of the 12 pillars.

The tops of the 12 pillars.  Um sloppy so
be sure to keep the plastic end-caps.

2.125-inch disks. These are glued to the
pillars (tubes) and then to the base.

All of the disks stacked. I make 12 sets.

First attempt to wrap the corkwood paper.

To hide the gap I glue a strip. Here is
a pillar set upon the set of disks.

Here's the top.  Apparently a 24 by 2 inch tube
is actually 25 inches long and 2.125 diameter!

Here's what one pillar looks like
next to the 1:18 scale (90MM) Roman.

And here's the cluster of pillars. Maybe I'll
paint them white after I paint them black with primer?

I'm trying out the zenithal technique here;
black primer at the bottom, gray at the top.

These shots are at night. Anyhow, this is a lower shot.

Next Steps

Well, I've got to paint them next.  When I return from my LoA I get more done.

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