Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Demo Set IV :: Completed Pillars

I got the pillars completed.  They are good enough for iteration one of the demo.  Perhaps by the next convention I'll have them built up a bit more.  Here's what they look like:

This is after dry-brushing a medium coat of yellow sand.
I made sure that some of the base color (grey/black) shown
through.  The left column has the cork-paper.

Here I dry-brushed lightly mud near the base and
worked up the column.  All for getting more texture.

Next I dry-brush white to bring out the edges of the bases.
As always, I let the paint color travel up the columns.

The top 1/6 or so I dry-brushed with with all around.

I'm really bad a photography.  This has the flash on.
Once Damon gets me a desert matt you'll see
these in proper context.


  1. Looks good mate. Even better when on the mat.

  2. @Simon Q; yessir. I returned from vacation and began remembering that I've got a lot of loose tasks that I need to cinch up. I hope to get in one more terrain project before the end of the month.