Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Repurposing Clix II-A

Some progress pics on my stuff. Not as nice nor as far along as Aggro's but I'm pleased with the results thus far.  I'm not sure what the original names of the figures are and so I'll just identify them as Wargs and Rock Giants.

Alpha Female is horned. All females have stub tails.

A male; no horns but spiked tail. I washed it blue
and then dry-brushed pale blue and then some ochre.

Better lighting.  Most of my shots are at night
and so the lighting is very poor.  Mouths were
painted red and then dry-brushed teeth white.
Painted snouts the same blue as the wash.

A Rock Giant.  Wash with red and then
dry-brush ochre and then touch-up with yellow.


  1. Very cool job. Bloody mean looking ain't they!

  2. Nice work buddy!
    I am fond of the wargs,

  3. @Simon Quinton; yes horrifying really. I've got 10 of the wargs waiting to become a hunting pack.

    @D Willhelm; thanks! You can touch the wargs as long as you put them back where you found them! =)