Sunday, October 7, 2018

MEST :: Variable Character cards

Making things Easy

This is just a thought.

It will require that a number of assets are printed out, such as 3 by 5-inch cards. The idea is to have the cards contain information which is independent of a model, but includes two cut-out slots and several hard-boiled stats upon it. Next would be 1 by 3-inch slats which contain a picture of the model and a list of its weapons to match its sculpt. The card and the slat will have their own BP values and would be combined together for purchase price.


  • Card - Contains Skills, Attributes, BP cost.
  • Slat - Contains photo of model, matching weapons used, BP cost.

Rough concept.


I want to make it easy to create Assemblies in MEST Tactics without the need to resort to book-keeping tools like a ledger and pencils. This concept should be able to increase variety of Assemblies for pick-up games.


I think I can come up with some variations. I want to try and keep the implementation simple so that it is easy to produce a large volume of assets. One idea I could pursue is to make the slats be clip-ons so that there's no need to cut slots into the cards.

For Champion Progression, I guess I could create "badges" which could clip on to the cards. The set (card, slat, badges) could be stored across multiple gaming sessions during a Campaign.

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