Friday, October 5, 2018

Preparing for Dunjon of Death V :: Everything Together For Now!

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Here's everything I've got in terms of Dunjon of Death terrain and tiles.

The Dunjon Tile Deck

The original Plan was laid out in an earlier post here.

The idea was to have modular tiles and matching "Dunjon Tile" cards. These cards could be drawn at random and rotated to craft a dungeon crawl layout. The tiles and cards are given an ID and a standard facing such that they can be identified on paper for later retrieval.

Here's the result of that Plan;

This is the set of cards I originally used. The dice and pawn are the result of my Dunjon of Death Generator micro-game to build the dungeon. It is a 6-Tile dungeon (8; 6 + Start and End).

This is a recording of the generated layout. 

This is the new set of demo cards laid out according to my recorded drawing from above. There's two changes; E4 and S4 became L2 and R1 respectively. When I get further along, I'll upload the tile cards on my Downloads page. I'm considering starting a new Google Sites just for Dunjon of Death as well ...

OK. The cards themselves. With this, I can pull through my Dunjon Tile assets and build out my modular game.

I tried my best without a selfie-stick. Here's my tiles laid out to match the cards. I've also added my various terrain elements. Each tile is 12.5-inches across (about 10 MU for MEST). At a total area of 5 x 3 tiles; 60 by 36 inches.

I'll give a tour starting with the START tile. Here's the intrepid murder hobos approaching tile S1.

Here's tile S1. Awaiting them are some Skeleton guards. In my draft rules, there needs to be a necromancer on the layout to control them. This would be a middle-manager type; the Big Bad Evil Guy (BBEG) is probably a lich lord for a later adventure.

Connecting from SI is L2. Spyiders! I'm working on the Web rules; capture not kill. People are food.

Beneath L2 is T2. More undead guards.

To the right of T2 is L2. In my earlier draft this was E4 but I sort of got rid of E4. In terms of Jaquaying the game, most of the dungeons generated are a gauntlet, so something like this E4 is a side-quest. Once I have some treasure or objective markers painted up, E4 would be an ideal place for them.

Here's X1 which is beneath T2. Notice that X1 is rotated facing downwards. To the right is S4 which is the last generated tile.

This is S4 from X1. I used my "pitcher's mound" for a Cornice Pillar. The right is the EXIT tile.

The EXIT tile with a stair case and the Necromancer boss. This is where the daring adventurers from the START tile need to get toward.

More Pictures

So the tour overview is done. Here's some pictures from a lower angle.

View from the START tile into S1.

View from within S1.

The longest hall-way. Excellent for archers. This is L2 going down towards X1.

L2 (nee E4).



Dargh ... X1 upwards into T2 I thnk.

EXIT tile. Necromancer. Black foamboard doing a simple job and failing. This reminds me that I need to create some backdrop sheets, not just for Dunjon of Death but for outdoor games as well.

What's Next

I'll need to get back to game design and painting up my other Dunjon Denizens (Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, Gremlins, and maybe a few dozen Adventurers).

In the Future

I think the set in total is good enough for bringing to a gaming convention. It's been, I think, 4 years since I've done a MEST Tactics demonstration. I'll try for KublaCon or PacifiCon coming in 2019.

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