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Spotter Up


"Find a Way or Make One"

In Latin this is;

Aut Ivenium aut viem facium


My brother runs a wonderful small business that caters to the military mindset named Spotter-up at

The basic idea is that there are individuals which want to excel in one or more facets of life, and are always seeking to expand their understanding of how to do this. The very motto, "Find a Way, or Make One" is the basis of this way of thinking. Towards that end; Spotter Up seeks to aide and encourage.


Here's the Web site mission outline via

What is Spotter Up?

Spotter Up Tactical Solutions (Spotter Up for short) provides credible and applicable information in support of individuals becoming the best Chessmen they can be. A Chessman is an expert strategist, who trains rigorously, and takes action(s) to bypass threats. Not all of our contributors are Special Operations members. Nor do they have to constantly remind people of what they accomplished but the journey never ends. Telling stories for the sake of helping others is important.

The road is ahead. Walk it, learn and share with others who know less. Becoming tactically sound in anything worthwhile requires sacrifice, discipline and a long-term plan. Spotter Up believes in finding solutions to problems.  ‘Find a Way or Make One’. Excuses are never made.

Spotter Up looks at the five components of health that many in the health field generally recognize as areas people can work on to become well-balanced.  Health professionals call it Emotional Health, Physical Health, Social Health, Intellectual Health and Spiritual Health. 

We call it Heart, Body, Circle, Mind, and Spirit.

As long as we have breath we want to keep improving in these areas. The Greeks immersed their students in the studies of art and science. They learned history, wrestling, gymnastics, poetry, geography and so on. Today this could be substituted for men who learn about world history and affairs, Crossfit, and Land Navigation. The Greek technique called Paideia (pahee-di’-ah), somewhat equivalent to the Romans humanitas, was the method for making a man. It required strenuous discipline to become good at something. Paideia, was the schooling students were given to acquire knowledge.

To be really well-rounded, we have to have a balance in all the things that we DO and ARE. Our body, emotions, social circles, spirit and mind have immersed in worthy things or we don’t function well. I liken it to the architectural pillars clustered around and supporting a very strong tower or building. Strong pillars let a watchman see clearly out along the horizon, all 360 degrees that is under his responsibility. If just one pillar is offset, then his view is canted, and the information he receives is askew.

A pillar used for decorative purposes is just that, it is decoration. Working solely on building the body has a payoff, but the rest of what needs attention suffers. In order to get our sight lines pointed right, Spotter Up seeks to provide useful information to those seeking to better themselves tactically.

My Take

Especially tied to the mission of Spotter Up is the idea of being a Chessman; a person which thinks tactically, is trained for threat circumvention, is aware of the needs of contributory societal membership, and is willing to become an exemplar.

My thinking as a former Marine is that not all of us start off as military-minded and not all of us finish as military-minded. We have other desires and interests, but we have a common set of experiences. For those which are not or have never been in the military, there are some which know somebody which is. And there are many which are fascinated by the accouterments of that life, the history, lore, and the strategic and tactical thinking involved. And seek to embody it through their readings, habits, and wanderings in life.

The tactics are the same; to improve oneself mentally and physically. The strategy is the same; through demonstration and guidance, to shape others. And therefore the end goal is also aligned; to improve society.

The Lingo

One of the features of Spotter Up is the presentation of viral art with mottos placed upon coffee mugs, t-shirts, stickers, and patches.  Sure its kitschy, but I think it taps into our modern zeitgeist (spirit of the times) very well.
  • The ChessmanThis is the Spotter Up Tactical mission motto; "Find a Way or Make one". It is attributed to Hannibal, but has been used through history by the likes of Seneca and Francis Bacon.
  • Tiger at the WheelThis is one of the the transformative mottos; "Men, like swords, can be forged in fire. Those who change with every burning become the most formidable of weapons." The art itself is an allusion to The Tyger by William Blake. The symbol of the Wheel in this case is the Noble Eight-fold Path from Buddhism. The moth is drawn into the flame at the mouth of the tiger.
  • Wolves from SheepThis one is succinct; "Swords from plowshares. Wolves from sheep." A variation of Chris Kyle's utilitarian classification system from American Sniper (wolves, sheep, sheepdogs) in terms of the biblical classification phrasing ("wolves in sheep's clothing."). The idea is to recognize foes (the wolves), and be prepared to aide the innocent (the sheep). You are implicitly a guardian (the sheepdog). For a point-counterpoint see here at
  • Submachine Gun Buddha
    This one is interesting in that it is found with multiple variations on the Internet; "I brought peace until they brought war. So I brought war until they brought peace." I think Spotter Up's phrasing kind of shows the Yin-Yang duality nicely, with the opposites being Peace ("yin") and War ("yang"). And so the Buddha ("enlightened one") which is an embodiment of the middle-path, is all the more prepared with his spray-and-pray weapon of choice; a submachine gun.

Goody Bag

I asked for some tchotchkes so that I can sticker my new work laptop and help promote the Spotter Up brand. The direct link to the on-line shop is here;

A sticker; a Chessman. "Find a Way or Make one".

Some patches.
Another sticker; Tiger at the Wheel.

"Men, like swords, can be forged in fire. Those who change with every burning become the most formidable of weapons."

Another sticker; Wolves from Sheep.

"Swords from plowshares. Wolves from sheep."
Another patch; Submachine Gun Buddha.

"I brought peace until they brought war. So I brought war until they brought peace."

An awesome coffee mug with the Submachine Gun Buddha.
All the Things.

My t-shirt gifts. The red is the Spotter Up Tactical logo. The black version is the Wolves from Sheep art.


I hope you enjoyed this side-track from table-top wargaming, modeling, and miniatures painting.


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