Friday, September 28, 2018

Preparing for Dunjon of Death IV :: The Terrain

Link to Part III-F


Here's where I go into my cache of half-finished terrain elements and paint them! Dunjon of Death has been in planning for at least 2 years, if not earlier ... and I've got lots of stuff to lay out.

The General Plan

Essentially I'll paint them the same as the others:

  1. Base coat of black paint plus clear Elmer's glue. Good news; inexpensive. Bad news; if you get it wet, the glue (and paint!) comes off. Good news; you shouldn't be getting any of your terrain or figurines wet any time soon ... right? No coffee or beer on or near the gaming stuff.
  2. Afterwards, I'll dry-brush with dark grey using a 2-inch brush. Mostly top to bottom strokes.
  3. Next, I'll dry-brush with medium-gray using a 0.75-inch brush. Mostly pulling from the bottom near the tile floor upwards to about mid-height.
  4. Using the same brush and paint, I'll dry-brush from the top down to make details pop.
  5. Lastly, using light gray or white, I'll dry-brush the edges of edge terrain element to make them pop out.

The Terrain

Here's what I've started with;

All the things.

Coat of black + PVC glue.

Dry-brush with dark gray.

Awaiting the medium gray.

Everything is Done

Here's everything painted.

Left side of my table are the recent terrain items.

On the right side of the table are my doors from earlier posts. Remember that these are Zombicide and Dungeon Saga doors.

A Reaper Bones Skeleton Swordsman next to the Central Blocks. These blocks are about 3 by 2 by 2-inches.

Dude next to one of the Cornice Pillars. I have a bunch of cake-shop Greek pillars that I'll need to eventually set up as well.

I've got three stair cases and two stair bases. I just noticed that the fights are all right-winding. And so I'll create some later; maybe a straight stair case, and two L-shaped left-winding.

The Dungeon Saga and Zombicide doors. These behind the Celt are my "Damaged" doors.

OK. And finally the skeleton warrior next to the single-doors; these are both Zombicide doors.


Here's my inventory for the curious.
  • 14 Passage Ways (wall with a hole, no door)
  • 19 Single Doors (that's Zombicide)
  • 3 Double Doors
  • 1 Double Door, broken
  • 3 Great Doors, unmoving (that's Dungeon Saga)
  • 1 Single Gate, jammed.
  • 3 Stair cases, right-winding.
  • 2 Stair bases (single short flight).
  • 8 Wall sections.
  • 2 Fallen stella.
  • 6 Wall Blocks (4 plain, 2 crowned)
  • 6 Central Blocks
  • 7 Cornice Pillars
  • Plus ... 25 modular Dunjon of Death tiles (22 square, 3 start/exit which are rectangluar).

What's Next

I'll show you everything I've got put together. 

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