Friday, January 11, 2019

Supers Minis II

This is my final set of supers minis, and the final figures from my original batch of 90 or so from 2013.

See Super Minis I 
See the Original Post from 2013

It is not obvious here but I've created a make-shift lightbox out of foamcore board. I think it does a good job scattering the light, but I will need to adjust the design. Once I get it perfected, I'll try to get a tutorial posted showing how to build it from scratch.

The Ground Game

These fill out the ground-based heroes and villains.

The Cat Lady

Thing 2

Thing 1

The Radioactive Man

Rust Bucket

Wild Child

The Cough

Blind Justice


Two Gun Sally

The Good Cop


The Strangler

Lady Maybe

The Flying Game

These are the remainder of my flyers. I need to acquire more flying female figures to balance things out.

The Brown Note
The Scab

Red Wing

Storm Crow

The Blue Fairy

Miss Melody


Next Up

I'll start on my "greenskins". I've got kobolds, gremlins, mites, orcs, and goblins. I think it is about 50 figures in total. I'm am presuming that they'll be quick to paint because they'll have mostly the same shades of skin complexion and armor with weapons.  

Even so, it may take several weeks.

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