Sunday, November 3, 2013

First update of November 2013

I completed another batch of minis.
Weather permitting, I will try to get some better photos up tomorrow.

There's quite a few non-citadel goodies in here.

The back row.

I got some base colors started on these Mordheim Cultists. I got these on eBay. The previous owner went a little crazy with an X-Acto knife and some green stuff on a couple of them. They were pretty cheap though.


  1. Man, I know I've said it before, but I really love your style and it so suits these venerable minis. How do you do your human skin?

  2. Thanks Gareth!
    For creepy guys (Like Chaos Thugs) I use a base color of brown and a standard flesh tone with a little grey/blue mixed in. I add more flesh to the mix as I build up highlights and finally white.
    Finally, optional light red washes on the nose and cheeks and a blue black five o'clock shadow wash.

  3. Great job on the guys in the first few pics. Nice start on the Mordhiem figures. They don't look to bad considering the work done to them previously. They will paint up nicely and if you have some of the original figures will bulk out the force nicely and stop them being to samey.