Saturday, November 9, 2013

More Pics of finished minis, plus a basing decision

I finally managed to get some better pics of my latest batch of finished minis.
The lighting was okay.
Since I don't have a lightbox I am sort of at the mercy of the elements.
I have found pictures of my miniatures come out best on overcast days.
I should probably construct a proper light box one of these days.

This guy sat half finished for months. I am more or less happy with him.

A skull faced thug.

a ghoul

These aren't Citadel minis. I have no idea who made them as I got them as part of an eBay lot. I was going to paint this in the standard blue High Elf theme you normally see. I decided on a darker ancient race look for them.

Shield close up.

I was very pleased by the way this thug turned out.

I was happy with this fellow as well.

Another not Citadel. This guy is a Grenadier Demon.

Don't know who made this tombstone either.

I am calling these guys done. Now I can't decide if I want to add shrooms and flock or not.


  1. Great job mate. They all look excellent. Love the Mordhiem Possessed cultists the scheme is simple yet they look blood excellent!

  2. I would say yes to 'shrooms and flock! I really need to start painting again. I've spent the last fortnight making new trees, but that still doesn't stop me from feeling slack when I see what you've been up to.

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    1. Thank you both for your comments.
      A recent bout of insomnia (I wake up really early) has led to my recent bout of creativity.
      A mixed blessing I suppose...
      And by an overwhelming show of hands (here and at LAF) I will be adding mushrooms and flock to the cultist's bases!

  4. Great stuff! Love how you mix up your forces with different miniatures like the grenadier demon :)