Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fantasy Bat Rep 07/01/2012!

Wee Aggro and I managed to get a game in today.

Wee Aggro decided he wanted to play something different than Post Apoc and opted for a Fantasy game.

Wee Aggro's Forces
My Forces

The Objectives that Wee Aggro and I completely ignored.

Top down view of the board. My forces are at the bottom of the pic. Wee Aggro's are at the top. I'm really enjoying the 36 X 36 board for skirmish games. With a smaller board, the action starts up right away.

Starting Positions

Starting Positions

Starting Positions

Yes, even more starting positions.

Things looked really crappy for me right off the bat. Wee Aggro won initiative, made an insane detect roll to spot my Wizard, then an insane to hit roll, followed by an insane damage roll. This resulted in the instant death of my second most powerful model in the first activation! What was I just saying about the action starting up right away?

I moved a model forward and Wee Aggro managed to wound him with one of his marksmen.

Wee Aggro moving in for the kill.

I managed to get some revenge and shot the dirty rat that killed my wizard.  I wounded him and he failed his morale test. He subsequently ran off the board by the end of turn 2. 

In turn 2, Wee Aggro charged his noxious priest forward and brained one of my marksmen .

Crappy photo but this was pretty cool. I charged one of my Warriors and killed  Aggro's Priest. I used my bonus action to get away from him: however, the toxic fumes managed to kill the fighter anyways.

Things heated up in the middle of the board. I charged my leader into close combat with a rat already engaged with one of my fighters. I wounded it but failed to kill it. Wee Aggro responded by charging his leader into combat with my leader and killing him! Another really lucky roll!

I managed to get a flanking fighter into close combat with Wee Aggro's rat armed with a nasty area effect weapon. Suddenly I started rolling well and killed it ending turn 2.

My fighter, now consumed with blood lust managed to charge one of Wee Aggro's Marksmen killing it as well. 

This fighter held out in the center of the board for a while, but was eventually cut down by Wee Aggro's encroaching forces.

This marksman managed to kill a rat man that had wounded him with a throwing disk.

At the end of turn 3, no one had collected any objectives. I had two marksmen and a fighter left however, they were all wounded. Wee Aggro had his leader and one of his fighters left. I was ahead on kills; however, I managed to fail my bottle test at the start of turn 4 which resulted in a tied game! Had one of us bothered to collect even one objective we would have one!

Wee Aggro and I still had a really good time. We'll probably use these same models again next time we game.


  1. Great little AAR. What rules are you using?

  2. We used MEST, available on this blog. :)
    If you download them (they are free) let us know what you think.
    Any constructive criticism is always appreciated.