Sunday, July 29, 2012

VSF / Steampunk Bat Rep

I haven't done any mini painting or terrain building in a few weeks now.
Real life and all around laziness have prevented me from even making a few new walls for my scratch built buildings.

Despite all this, I managed to set a board up so Wee Aggro and I sat down for a game today.
We used my recently painted LAM miniatures.

I didn't bother factoring points, but I think Wee Aggro had a slight advantage.

I'm not sure exactly what's going on here. Victorian Spy Vs. Spy? Apocalypse 1888?

Wee Aggro's group.

My group.

My starting positions.

More of my starting positions.

Wee Aggro's starting positions.

More of Wee Aggro at the start.

In typical Wee Aggro fashion, this model made a crazy detection roll, followed by a hit roll,

followed by a damage roll that wounded my leader taking shelter in a building. Having my leader wounded so early, screwed up my tactical rolls for the rest of the game.

The carnage continued as the fellow in the diving suit started torching my models.

I shot and missed this fellow with the blast shield twice. Wee Aggro, slightly annoyed, struck him down.

Finally, I managed to do something.  My huntsman armed with a shotgun managed to kill Wee Aggro's model armed with poison gas pistols.

I also managed to kill another one of Wee Aggro's models despite the 2nd degree burns.

Wee Aggro quickly paid back the favor.

There was an awful lot of action going on on this side of the board.

Eagle eye Wee Aggro continues to gun my models down.

This guy had caught fire last turn. When he started activation this turn, he was consumed by fire and died before he could do anything.

This fellow continued to make trouble for me.

Wanting to start evening things up,

the Mad Hatter charged forward; however, he failed his attack and was counter struck!

I used my wounded leader to try to finish the bugger off, but he was counter struck as well and killed.

I wounded the fellow with the flamethrower with my huntsman who was now inside a building. There was more payback as Wee Aggro burnt him to a crisp soon afterwards.

I finally managed to kill this fellow.

But my models were exposed and cut down by Wee Aggro's model armed with a portable Gatling gun.
Three of my killed models to one of Wee Aggro's.

The game ended with my final model being gunned down.


  1. Great AAR and pics, thanks for sharing it! The table looks great.

    1. Thanks Brummie. Your EotD collection is also coming along nicely.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you sir.
      You have a very nice blog as well.

  3. Apparently WeeAggro is the complete opposite of me in terms of dice rolling pixie-dust. =) Looks nice. I like the dirt board; looks appropriate for VSF.

    1. The dirt board is 3 Ft by 3 ft hard foam. It's a little tough bringing it to the Kastle though.

      And yes, Wee Aggro rolled like the Wee Devil.