Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Fun Days Gaming With Crap Photos.

I made the trip to Game Kastle in Santa Clara today for a few games with Kitrok.

We had a good time. We played a mythos game (agents vs. cultist) and a swashbuckler game using my GW Mordheim figures.  The shop was really busy as there was a Warhammer 40k tournament going on and everybody had their new 6th Edition rules.

I was distracted by all of the hub bub. Plus, several folks came up and asked a lot of questions about what we were playing, which is a good thing.  So I forgot to take pictures, and the ones I did take were generally out of focus crap, which is a bad thing.

We played the Treasure Hunt scenario both times with Objective markers.

In the mythos game, Kitrok and I both managed to collect 2 objectives each. The last objective was on top of an old ruin in the center of the board. It was too well guarded by both sides for either of us to snatch it. I eventually won the game when Kitrok failed a bottle test. Still, it was a pretty neck and neck game.

Sadly. this is the only photo of the second game. I pretty much mopped up the floor with Kitrok on this one.


  1. The pics you have shown are good. As long as you had fun that's the main thing. The table looked great as well as the figs

    1. Thanks Brummie!
      We actually generated a little interest from the 40K crowd which was a little surprising.