Saturday, November 17, 2012

Scratchbuilt Buildings - Part 1

These are some old pics of a scratch-build project that I finally got back to working on.

The Goal

Before a bunch of life changing events began to derail my hobby efforts, I embarked upon a goal to create some scratch-built 1:56 scale (28 MM) terrain.  The idea was to save money and to do something creative.  I have long been inspired by DIY blogs such as Matakashi' Tea House and I wanted to try my own hand.

So, I set out to create four buildings that could be used for the suburbs within the 1920-1940-ish period so that I could apply them to Pulp, Interwar, and the Mythos genres. It would be a first step to bigger projects which would include urban buildings and eventually rural ones as well.

These buildings shown here were first designed on a sheet of graph paper.  I used foam-core, pink styrene, and card-stock paper.  A hot-glue gun was used to keep things in place. The buildings have a foundation with a removable frame and a board is glued upon the foundation to stabilize the styrene and act as a flooring surface.  This allows me nearly double the real-estate because I could have a layout where there are foundations placed separate from the frames themselves.  Of course, I'd need to create some ruined frames to make the foundations convincing. 

These images are from 2010-12-21.  I've got some new ones that I'll post in a few days.
Back of Small Building A.

Front of Small Building A.

Small Building B.  It has a deck area.

Large Building A, interior.

Example of the removable frame and the foundation.


  1. I like what you have done! M's Tea Room has had some good info there, I am jus shy about making the leap, I keep hoping to find some good templates as I am afraid I will make it too small or large in the end.

  2. @Brummie; thanks! if things go well I should have Part 2 up in a few hours.

    @styx; yes, I actually purchased several square feet of cork-board as a result of Matakashi. I intend to make the same sort of brownstones that he demonstrates there in.

  3. Shaping up nicely. Useful designs.

  4. That looks great! Im just building some buildings for the same period and yours are a great inspiration. I like the stonework on the bottom, really clever!

  5. @A J; I'll try and see if I can find my original sketches and get a manifest of parts.

    @Mathyoo; Aggro got me started on this! And thanks! =)

  6. Looking good Robert! Did you save your templates?

  7. @aggro84; thanks! You've been inspiring me with those huge red-stone buildings for too many years.

    As for what I've got; I did find some older designs in electronic form, but those were when I thinking much bigger - like in designing enough for a township. I can't find my napkin sketches for these design here so I'll try to get them collected into a single document when I've got more time.