Sunday, November 18, 2012

Scratchbuilt Buildings - Part 2

Current Progress 

Yesterday I got some reprieve from reality and decided to update my scratch-build project. Here's what they currently look like. I've experienced some technical issues that I want to share with you. I knew that I wanted to have some nice doors and windows. As you can see from Part 1 it appears that carved in those portal shapes. I had been following Matakashi's Tea House procedure at this time. In the meanwhile I placed some orders to Rusty Stump's Scale Models site to get some of their door and window kits.

This proved to be problematic.  The first issue was that the portals I carved were of the wrong shape and size. I had to re-carve the foam-core for the doors and then cut out some card-stock as window and door trims to cover any portal that was too big.  The second problem is that I wanted the interiors of the buildings to be navigable.  As such - and this is me being a completist - I need to have the inside view of the buildings to have door artwork as well.  Well, by the time I determined this, I had already glued the walls of the buildings together which made it difficult to get that second door face positioned properly. In many cases, because of my earlier sizing problem, I need to carve out a different shape on the internal face of the foam-core walls; that is hard to do when there is little room for leveraging an X-acto knife.

So I learned some lessons.  In the future I'll get the door and windows cut out after I determine the specs of the kit elements. And, I'll assemble the building walls only after I've affixed the window and doors.  I have another idea that I want to try as well. I thought it may be useful to set up magnetic fasteners on pairs of walls so that I could disassemble a building during game-play.  This is a crucial factor if you've got big hands and you want to have the floor navigable; by cutting away the walls there's more room to move about the minis.

Large Building A - back entrace with a "Dutch" door.

Large Building A - front entrance.

Large Building B - front entrance is boarded-up.

Large Building B - back entrance.
An abandoned building.
Small Building A - front corner. 
This shows two doors.

Small Building A - deck easement entry. 

Small Building B - sole entrance.
Small Building B - boarded window to allow two faces
during layout depending on scenario mood.

The wood flooring within Small Building B.
You can see the interior door at the top right.
Interior of Large Building A.
I'll lay down some wood flooring here as well.

Small Building A; frame and foundation.
All of the step-ways I'll need to building some
railings for them using toothpicks or bobby-pins.


  1. Great stuff! If your bored and want to make me some feel free! HEhehehhe

  2. Love these they are great builds.

  3. @styx; thanks for the offer and the compliment. But no. =)

    @Brummie; thanks. The roofs come next. They are quite bothersome.

  4. Looking good Robert! It's about time! :)