Saturday, November 17, 2012

Scratchbuilt Buildings - Part 1

These are some old pics of a scratch-build project that I finally got back to working on.

The Goal

Before a bunch of life changing events began to derail my hobby efforts, I embarked upon a goal to create some scratch-built 1:56 scale (28 MM) terrain.  The idea was to save money and to do something creative.  I have long been inspired by DIY blogs such as Matakashi' Tea House and I wanted to try my own hand.

So, I set out to create four buildings that could be used for the suburbs within the 1920-1940-ish period so that I could apply them to Pulp, Interwar, and the Mythos genres. It would be a first step to bigger projects which would include urban buildings and eventually rural ones as well.

These buildings shown here were first designed on a sheet of graph paper.  I used foam-core, pink styrene, and card-stock paper.  A hot-glue gun was used to keep things in place. The buildings have a foundation with a removable frame and a board is glued upon the foundation to stabilize the styrene and act as a flooring surface.  This allows me nearly double the real-estate because I could have a layout where there are foundations placed separate from the frames themselves.  Of course, I'd need to create some ruined frames to make the foundations convincing. 

These images are from 2010-12-21.  I've got some new ones that I'll post in a few days.
Back of Small Building A.

Front of Small Building A.

Small Building B.  It has a deck area.

Large Building A, interior.

Example of the removable frame and the foundation.