Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kung Fu Vs. Zombie - The Bat Rep that Wasn't

I set up a board hoping to get in a game with Wee Aggro; however, things didn't go as planned and we didn't get a chance to play. Still, I did manage to take a few pictures before breaking down the board.

In most kung fu movies (as opposed to Western Pulp Adventures) Westerners are generally portrayed as the baddies more often than not. I thought it would be fun to have a group of locals from a martial arts school / secret society put the hurt on a renegade colonial scientist and his zombie horde!

These were scattered about the board to serve as
zombie spawn points. Gunfire would
generate more spawns.

The renegade scientist and his hired toughs.

Our valiant heroes.

The scientist's zombie horde.

The scientist's compound
peeking outside.

Work to do.


Defending the compound

Closing in.
This was not part of the planned scenario,
I just realized I had never shared it before.


  1. What a shame it sounds like a really cool scenario. Please try and do it again :D

  2. I agree, everything is amazing from the painting and scenery.

  3. Thanks Brummie and styx. I'll give this another go sometime, hopefully sooner than later!