Wednesday, November 28, 2012

circa 1920 floor plans

The Sears Catalog

I suppose that in a 1920's type genre like HPL Mythos the buildings should be perhaps 1880's Victorian or 1900's Edwardian designs but those floor-plans are hard to find and harder to craft from the designs I've seen.  Maybe when I get better at this hobby but for now I've decided to focus mostly on boxy pieces which I think are much simpler to construct.

Here's some reference materials for use when constructing your 1910 to 20's era suburban buildings.  These would be the sorts of buildings in new neighborhoods at the time.  Nearly all of these designs come from the Sears and Roebuck catalog.  My favorite starter is the 'Natoma' which formed the basis for my smaller buildings.

A 24" x 24" battlefield layout could support about four of these smaller homes which are about 1000 sq. ft. in size.  Those homes translate to about 4" x 6" on average or something like 24 ft. x 36 ft.  Many of the room partitions are really too small to be translated for use in a 28 MM game, but it would be nice to have some divided interior space to make battles within a building interesting.

I've selected a few of the designs that I think are simple enough to recreate; they are boxier than the others and represent what I think are more of the "New England" style representative of northeast USA. 

The Natoma; simple design.  Only $191.00 US !
An interesting 2-story small house.

Candidate for a larger building; just remove the smaller
partitions inside such as bathrooms and closets.

A typical four-square design.

I think this is the ideal 2-story small house.

I need one of these!


  1. Yea, that is a pretty cool find!

  2. @Mathyoo; amazing what can be found with a little digging. Thanks!

    @styx; yep, concur. Thanks!

    Once I get good at scratch building I'll try one of the Victorian designs with the intricate roofs. I'll probably fail but I think the challenge will be interesting.

  3. Very useful find Robert. I cross posted this on LAF.