Monday, May 13, 2013

Citadel WIPs from my motel room

I was sent to training last week and I am back in training this week, after going home for the weekend.
Of course I brought some minis and paints for my down time hours in the evenings.
I have been trying out some new techniques here and there.
Care to spot the "dip" experiment?
They are all in various stages of completion. Most are "mostly" finished.
I will take some individual photos when they are completed.


  1. Very nice work. I'm going to guess that the dip experiment is the central figure.

  2. Thanks Anne!
    But looking again it's a tough question!

  3. These look great, I'm looking and its is very tough. The oriental type thug?

  4. Thanks Simon!
    Nope, but he's a good guess!
    Not really a fair question after I looked at the photos again.
    It's the blue robed wizard in the back.