Friday, May 3, 2013

Wanted: Citadel Valkyrie?

I don't normally decide I really want a particular miniature, but I have been seeing this lovely lady around a lot lately. She's some sort of a Citadel Valkyrie.
Does anyone own one (preferably in good shape and unpainted) they are willing to part with?
Or a comparable modern stand in?
I might be interested in a few other models to make it all worth the postage.
I am located in the USA.


Posted on Blood Forum and LAF as well.


  1. She's a cute model and I hope you found her. I was looking through some of your previous posts and I must say that I really am impressed with that sewer tunnel you built. Top notch work there.

  2. @DWilhelm; Emma just saw this and now I guess I want a copy as well! Oh the agony of being a doting father!
    @Anne; thanks!

  3. Thanks Anne, I think I may have found someone willing to part with one!

    Robert, Reaper should do a lot of similar warrior women types. If you pick one up for Emma I will gladly pant her up for Emma. Remember I found that site that sells them really cheap.

  4. @DWilhelm; Game Kastle has two racks dedicated to Reaper. I should check them out with Emma and take you up on the offer! Thanks!

  5. A very kind LAFer sent me this lovely for free!