Friday, May 24, 2013

Cutting Foam Hills - Part IV

Almost done!

I did an insane amount of manual labor just now given that I should be relaxing.  My hope is that I get these hills in a good enough form to bring them up to KublaCon.  I'm not sure I'll even be able to attend but one can always hope!


  1. Use soldering gun with a scratch-built copper filament; 10-awg.
  2. Cut out from 2" foam board that originally measured 24-in x 48-in.
  3. Primed with Krylon H20 Brown.
  4. Primed again lower parts with Krylon H20 Black.
  5. Dry-brush with medium brown.
  6. Dry-brush with tan.
  7. Dry-brush with cream.
  8. Acquire a flock-box [ big cardboard box with side cut-off ]
  9. Use Elmer's Glue [ PVA ] on bases and tops.
  10. Use bunches of Light Green flocking material upon the glue.
  11. Go as fast as possible.
Re-spray over the brown with black.

Another view. The black is for the crevices.

After dry-brushing the medium brown.

Another view of the medium brown.

After dry-brushing the tan.

More of the tan.

After dry-brushing the cream.

More of the cream.

After flocking.  This is a rush job.

Other elements flocked.

Stacking some of the hills.

Stacking stacking stacking.

Yay! More stacks!
If I get more time I'll start adding moss, rocks, and other touches to make the hills look more organic.  Until then these should be playable once I spray them down with fixative.