Monday, May 27, 2013

Kubla Con Fantasy Battle

I initially thought I wasn't even going to make it to this event (thanks to work). But at the last minute I was able to go after all.  Robert supplied the terrain and I supplied the miniatures.  We did no pre-planning so we grabbed some random miniatures and came up with some hastily assembled warbands.

It took us roughly 10 minutes to write the lists up which is pretty good considering I stink at math.
The wargames room was a little dark so the photos didn't come out so great.

Wee Aggro joined us, so I let him play Vs. Robert and I offered up some occasional advice.

Wee Aggro's group, a Leader Wizard, a Marksman, three Brawlers and a Fiend.

Robert when for cheaper troops, an Elite Wizard, 3 Marksman, a Sidekick and some Average profile peasants with clubs

The board from Robert's side

The board from Wee Aggro's side.

Normally for a 500 point game we would use a slightly smaller play area. The first turn ended up being both sides moving forward into position.

Robert's troops sneaking forward.

Wee Aggro's Fiend.

During turn two, Robert moved his Wizard a little too far forward. Wee Aggro's Fiend sprung forward from the shadows and took the Wizard out with a Charge action. Wee Aggro then used an Initiative token to get an extra action and sprung back into some trees and hid,

One of Robert's Marksman avenged the Wizard by detecting and then blasting the fiend with his blunderbuss.

I can't remember which of Wee Aggro's troops wounded this Marksman, who subsequently failed his Morale test.

This Beastman took out one of Robert's peasant's.

Wee Aggro started dominating Robert's forces.

This fellow managed to hold his own in the center of the board for a long time before eventually being cut down.

After turn four, Robert's group was pretty batterd and Robert failed his bottle test.
Wee Aggro was triumphant!

It was a fun short game that played out quickly.