Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cutting Foam Hills - Part III

I got some more time and did a lot of grunt work.  I wanted to mount my foam hills upon some MDF and so I bought a 24" x 48" pre-cut board from Home Depot.  For the smaller hills I mounted those on plasticard and also poster-board.  These bases should help in keeping the foam from fragmenting at the bottom when I use them.

Here's a large pre-cut MDF board.  2 by 4 feet!

I marked out the sizes that I want to cut.

To scale.  That's a 28mm figure.  These are large bits.

One of the smaller elements mounted.

Another larger piece.  I used liquid nails for the
initial mounting glue.

The smallest pieces I mounted on card-stock.
All pieces used a glue-gun glue on their sides.

I used H20 Brown.  Looks like steak!

Waiting for everything to dry.