Friday, May 24, 2013

Cutting Foam Hills - Part V [ final ]

I got as much done as I could.

Here's all of the hills laid out on my 48" x 48" green-field battleboard.  I did a fly over; I'm not much of a photographer but I hope that you'll see the variety I present.  I've got a lot of trees  here; these are just my smaller coniferous trees which stand about 6" [ 150 mm ] tall.  The others need either priming or flocking.

While getting everything ready for KublaCon I found a number of unfinished terrain bits that I'll want to continue effort upon. So next time!

Starting at the corner.  These four quadrants
hang over my coffee table/game table.

I took some time to add brown and green washes
to the sides of the hills.  The results make them
look a bit more natural.  I also added flocking.

This is above the corner about 2 feet.
The trees vary from 6" to 7" tall.

Here's the far corner.  My burned out
cottage rests upon one of the large hill pieces.

Above the battlefield. My terrain kit is
becoming much more interesting. I've got
lots more trees.  I'll just need some roads and
boulders.  Maybe a rail track or stream as well!