Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MEST Basic Rules version 1.5.1 [ abridged ]

New Format

The existing rules are in a 68-page document containing about 30 pages of actual rules with illustrations.  It also contains bunches of sample assemblies, boiler-plate text, play-aides, and a glossary.  And it uses lots and lots of color making it hard for many people to print out.
Well, I've created an abridged version that removes the background artwork and cuts back all but the essentials.  It is a total of 32 pages and I'll continue to improve its appearance because I intend to eventually make these in booklets to hand out.  Although there is yet some colorful text and section headers, these should print out just fine on a black&white or gray-scale printer.  

The format is still 9"x11.5" which designed for an US Letter printer but might be adequate for A4 printers.

UPDATE: I've also added a plain version that takes out all formatting and illustrations.  It presents the rules as 10-pages of very printer-friendly text.


Visit the downloads section here for a copy.

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